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We think that the "directness of the swing" is one of the most important aspects of hitting the ball effectively. The front elbow should be pointed downward at the very beginning of the swing and not toward the pitcher. Not being direct to the ball is a very common problem for many weak hitters! If the front elbow is pointing toward the pitcher at the very START of your swing, it will create a slight loop which will cause you to be a fraction of a second late to the ball.

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You can talk about many things that are required to be a successful hitter and right near the top of your list should be bat speed. It's very enjoyable to watch a very big, strong hitter clobber the baseball. It's also very enjoyable watching a smaller hitter who is not exceptionally strong clobber the baseball. The only way for the smaller player to be competitive with the bigger and stronger hitters is with his very quick bat speed.

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The truth is, successful pitching at any level can be incredibly rewarding, but there's a lot more to it than throwing a baseball 85 or 90 mph over a distance of 60 feet, six inches — you must know what you're doing!

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May 22, 2018 No Comments

5 Key Elements for Winning at The Game

Just like the real major league baseball season baseball is a marathon. The baseball season spans 6 months of actual play and probably 1 – 2 months of spring training analysis and preparation. Competitive managers are always scouring statistics and looking for trends to take advantage of.

Time and volume are what allow managers to identify the numbers needed to make calculated decisions and the depth of roster makes it less likely that any 1 player will be essential for your season’s success.

However, just like in real play, there are intangibles and factors which end up pushing some teams …

Baseball Training Program
May 3, 2018 No Comments

Best Baseball Exercises and Training Program

Little league baseball reports 20 million participants annually in the United States; medical journals report that almost 80% of baseball players will experience shoulder or elbow pain at some point in their career.

Following a well designed year round training program will maximize performance and prevent injury. Some experts recommend to complement the training with safe exercise pills, such as legal steroid supplements.


These 12 easy to follow exercises are designed to create a solid, stable shoulder complex with precise and well executed movement patterns.

For maximal effectiveness:

  • Use proper form and trunk alignment with each exercise.
  • Take

January 10, 2018 No Comments

Leading Off Second Base

When taking your primary and secondary leads, you do not want to be in a direct line between second and third base. You should be about two or three steps on the outfield side of that imaginary straight line going from second base to third base. You do this to give yourself a better angle when running into third base in case you end up trying to score.

When taking your primary lead off second, some runners like to keep an eye on the shortstop and second baseman themselves, without the help of the third base coach. I think it’s …