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About Us

Prize Sports is a website that is developed and dedicated to all players and sport practitioners who want to improve their skills in sports.

Our goal is to provide useful  advice on how to play VERY EFFICIENT SPORT!

We know baseball and can talk baseball with anybody on the planet.

What took us 45 or so years to learn about the game, you can learn in a matter of a couple of weeks.

We would love the chance to assist you if you are a player, a coach or a parent of a youngster who may be struggling or who simply wants to improve.

And we truly enjoy hearing from any baseball improvement that comes about.

Don’t miss out on these great baseball training tips including baseball tips on hitting, baseball pitching tips, baseball base running, baseball fielding tips and more.

If you have further questions about additional guides we may add such as more baseball fielding tips, baseball base running and baseball tips on hitting, contact us at info@prizesports.com.