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Leading Off Second Base

When taking your primary and secondary leads, you do not want to be in a direct line between second and third base. You should be about two or three steps on the outfield side of that imaginary straight line going from second base to third base. You do this to give yourself a better angle when running into third base in case you end up trying to score.

When taking your primary lead off second, some runners like to keep an eye on the shortstop and second baseman themselves, without the help of the third base coach. I think it’s …

Get Out Of The Batter’s Box Quickly

I can’t think of an easier thing to do that will improve your batting average, on base percentage and help your team score more runs. For years, I’ve watched my son getting additional hits, simply by getting out of the box quickly. If you don’t do this very simple thing, you’re making a huge mistake.

The only question is how beneficial it will be and not if you will benefit or not. At the end of the year, you may reach base safely one or two times that you would not have. Maybe the number can be as high as …