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Get Out Of The Batter’s Box Quickly

Get Out Of The Batter’s Box Quickly

I can’t think of an easier thing to do that will improve your batting average, on base percentage and help your team score more runs. For years, I’ve watched my son getting additional hits, simply by getting out of the box quickly. If you don’t do this very simple thing, you’re making a huge mistake.

The only question is how beneficial it will be and not if you will benefit or not. At the end of the year, you may reach base safely one or two times that you would not have. Maybe the number can be as high as ten or twelve times.

You will get into the habit very quickly, it will become part of your normal routine and you won’t even have to think about it before doing it. Resist the strong temptation to “sulk” for a half second when you are not pleased with how you hit the ball.

Some Benefits Of Getting Out Of The Box Quickly

Your on base percentage will be higher. You will get many more infield hits, that normally would be outs. Infielders will know that you get to first base very quickly and they will mishandle more grounders because they have to rush. Infielders will throw more balls away and not only will you reach first base safely but many times you will end up on second base when they throw the ball away.

If you hit a fly ball to the outfield and it’s misplayed, you will end up on second and not be standing there on first base.

An outfielder can get his wires crossed with another outfielder on a fly ball, an outfielder may lose the ball in the sun or the lights and you can get an “extra” base. An outfielder may stumble on an imperfection on the ground or stumble on his own.

An outfielder may simply not pick up the ball off your bat. If you get a hit with a runner on first and they try to throw your runner out who is going to third base, you have a much better chance of making it safely to second base on the throw.

The same applies if the throw is to the plate, again you will have a much better chance to make it safely to second base on the throw home.

Your batting average, on base percentage, overall offensive production and your value to your team go up. It is the easiest way on earth to improve your offensive production!